Live online courses to get things done 💪

Join a live and coached online course to learn new skills and get projects done.


What will you learn next?

about us

What is Implement?

Implement is a marketplace (in beta), promoting a new kind of online learning experience: sprints.

Sprints are an alternative to traditional online courses and workshops.

We believe in learning new skills by doing projects together.


about implement

Most online courses take too much time, are not actionable, can very be expensive (in dollars and hours spent) and well… They are definitely lonely and boring!

Implement is here to fix it.


The Implement Live Course

Our live courses are called sprints.

It’s a blend of live online sessions, 1 on 1 coaching and individual work.

1 – Live Online Sessions

Our live courses happen over multiple days. There is a live online session every day. During that live your coach shows you the processes, templates and tools you’ll need to accomplish your individual work for the next day.

2 – Individual Work

Whenever it is most convenient for you, you work on your assignment. Learning by doing is the most efficient way to learn new skills.

3 – Live Chat and Community

Your coach is available all day through live chat to give you personalized 1 on 1 coaching. You can also chat with a private community of people going through the same project.

4 – Coach Review

Done? You send your work to your coach for review. You get feedback on your individual work.

Why choose Implement?


- You work on your project. Your coach guides you. That’s how you learn new skills and get the job done.

- Proven processes, templates and ROI. You learn the most efficient methods.

- Only 2.5 hours of your time required in session. The rest is spent doing real work.


Access to a private community of marketers going through the same projects.


- A short conference call with your coach every day for one week. 100% remote, live online sessions.

- 8h/day chat support for your assignments so you can ask all your questions.

- Accountability is at the core. The community, coaches and format are designed so you don’t drop.


Super reasonable pricing, not the insane prices of live workshops.


Who are We?

Lucie Thiollière

CEO & Co-Founder

Badis Khalfallah

COO & Co-Founder


As marketers in small and medium-sized companies, we often run into the same problem: not having the required skills for a project. No one on your team does, so you are alone! You look for help online and have 2 choices. Either, you buy that $10 online course and spend hours listening to someone teaching you…. Or you spend $1000 for coaching with an expert. 💸

Because you can’t afford the second option, you end up with that $10 online course. You spend hours on it and at the end of the day, you are not sure you have learned anything new.  And your project? Still on your to-do list! 😒

So after spending days/weeks trying to do it yourself, what do you do? You outsource to a freelancer or ask peers for help. It is not ideal and that’s not how online education should work. 

It’s not all bad of course, but we had to create another option. An option we would have loved. Taking the best from live workshops without the insane prices. And taking the best from online courses without the clunkiness and the lack of actionability. 

That’s why we came up with Implement, a marketplace to learn and DO the sh** 💩 you need to DO, guided by experts with a recipe.



Implement is a worldwide marketplace and coaches can come from all over the world. Each coach decides the date, hour and timezone of their own sprint. When you are looking up sprints make sure to pay attention to the timezone indicated.

If a sprint is not on your timezone you might still be able to take it. For example, if a sprint starts at 10AM pacific time, someone on eastern time could take it at 1PM.

You will receive an email to join the Slack community of your coach. From there, each coach will have a different process and will tell you how you can best prepare for the sprint.

Not necessarily. It depends on the sprint and the coach. You should check on the sprint page for prerequisites. 

Each sprint is priced by the coach and denominated in USD. Implement is a marketplace, so every coach will price their sprint differently.

Of course, it’s best if you can attend all the conference calls. However, if you can’t attend make sure to let your coach know. You coach will help you directly.

It it up to the coach giving the sprint to set the limit and make sure there is enough “coaching” for everyone. Coaches want you to have a great, intimate experience. So they have every reason to keep the number limited.

Of course you can always cancel your participation to a sprint. Reimbursement however will depend on when you cancel: 

  • – If you cancel at least 7 days before the first day of the sprint. You get a 100% refund.
  • – If you cancel at least 48 hours before the first day of the sprint. You get a 50% refund. 
  • – If you cancel with less than 48h notice, there will be no refund.

If you would like to cancel your participation, you can process your request through this email:

You can pay by credit or debit card once you have chosen the sprint and the specific date. All the payments are processed with Stripe. 

Of course, and it is very important that you do. You will be able to grade the sprint based on different criteria such as your experience with the coach, the content etc…

It really depends on the coach, and how she/he designed the sprint. On every sprint page, in the “Detailed Program” you will have an indication of how much time the assignment takes.