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Creating your sprint with Implement is simple

Click on the “Publish Your Sprint” button.

Fill up the information, which takes about 15 min.

You are all set!


Starting your own sprint is a great way to:


Meet great professionals who will know you personally and know your expertise.


Teach in a live environment practical knowledge that will really help others.

Build a community

Create a community around your topic.

Earn a living

Make (potentially a lot of) money online.


Be at the forefront of a new teaching method.


Why is it different?

Teaching through sprints is very different than teaching through classic platform courses or traditional live workshops.

Unlike classic platform courses:

  • You don’t have to shoot a video or create material. You can just set up your program and show up to lead the sprint.
  • A one-week sprint is a great way to actually meet people in an intimate way. They are not just numbers in a funnel. If you help them, they will become fans and know you personally.
  • Implement is a brand new marketplace, so you will have more opportunity for your sprint to shine and of course always a special place in our heart!

Unlike traditional live workshops:

  • You partner with Implement to make sure your event is filled with participants. You are not alone. Our marketing channels will send participants to your events.
  • We help with your marketing but you don’t lose a dime. Every time a participant signs up through your course referral link, you get 97% of the revenue.
  • You can set up your sprint in 15 min. You don’t have to set up a landing page, a booking system, a payment system, a company, terms of service… Implement takes care of that for you.
need support?

We are here to help 💁

Our support team is here to help you through designing and giving great sprints.


Of course you can always setup your sprints on your own channels. However setting up your sprint with Implement increases your chances of having the sessions filled up without losing a dime (see revenue share below). It’s more marketing, more revenue and no opportunity cost for you. Plus, the landing page, the payment system, the legal details are worked out for you. You just show up, teach and get paid.

You can publish as many sprints as you like.

You can set the price you want for your sprint. There is no minimum nor maximum price. You can also offer free sprints.

For every sprint you create, we will generate a unique referral link. You will be able to use that referral link to promote your sprint.

Coach promotion: If a sale is recorded through your referral link, you are awarded 97% of the net revenue of the sprint. We keep 3% of the net revenue for admin fees.

Implement promotion: If a sale is recorded from one of Implement channels, you are awarded 50% of the net revenue of the sprint.

When you will create your account, we will ask you for a bank account IBAN on which you would like to receive your funds.
Your revenue share will be wired on that account. The amount is wired through Transferwise and denominated in US dollars.

We wire your revenue share every month on the 27th and after your sprint is over.

If your sprint is still on during the 27th, you will be paid on the 27th of the next month .

For now, Implement is focused on offering sprints for marketing professionals. However we will accept a wide range of topics if it is directed to marketing professionals. For example: recruiting, budget planning, leadership…

All sprints are given in English for now. We will add other languages later.

It will depend on the number of participants you have for the sprint. However, you can be very efficient by leveraging your private Slack community. Make sure to post your coaching advice in the channel for everyone to see. If you help one participant you can share that with the rest and save a lot of time. We think, you should be available for participants at least 2 hours per day during sprint.

The participants will mainly grade you on the quality of your coaching and the quality of your content (actionability, efficiency etc…).

You can get in touch through: We will add the dates directly on the sprint page.

No problem. You can get in touch through:

However, know that the participants who booked your sprints prior to cancellation would receive a full refund.

No problem, you can get in touch through

When you are welcomed as a new coach you will have access to an online live report where you will be able to read the number of participants and your earnings.

You need to create a Slack workspace.

To create a Slack workspace, you can head to this link and follow the instructions: 

To find your invitation link you can follow these instructions:

You can head to the top left menu. Click on “Invite People”. Then, click on “Get an invite link to share”. Set to “Never Expires”. 

Your link will be generated.

You will share that link with us when designing your sprint.


Your sprint Slack community is there to help! Chat with your participants. Communicate with them any information you want. 

As soon as your participants sign up for your sprint, they will receive an invitation email to join your Slack community. 

You are free to choose the conference calling software you want. We like Zoom, but feel free to choose your own.

Create you conference link and share it with your participants (through Slack, or a calendar invitation etc…).

No, our sprints last exactly 1 week (or 5 work days). 

However you are free to create multiple sprints.  

You are free to choose how much homework you want to give. 

On one hand, keep in mind that your participants are professionals who have real problems to solve and are ready to invest the time necessary. On the other hand also keep in mind that as professionals they might not be able to spend all day doing the assignment. 

In any case, whether you will give a lot of homework or not, make sure to evaluate the time needed precisely when designing your sprint. The participants will therefore know what to expect.