"Learn How To Improve Your Sales Presentation"

From the content writing to the design prerequisites.

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Sprint by Dorian d’Amore

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This sprint includes:

5 LIVE online courses of 30 min each​

Daily review of your work and unlimited chat with your coach

Lifetime access to the sprint's replay

What is this sprint about?

If you believe in the myth that sales is all about natural soft skills, you are wrong.

That is not true.

The best sales representatives pull their talent from a constructive, relevant and scalable pitch.

However, dealing with the writing and the conception of your sales presentation can be painful.

In this sprint, I’ll help you follow the right steps to create your story (from the hook to the end).

I will help you use the right assets to bring relevancy to your pitch.

I will also help you use the right tools and tricks to bring consistency to your design.



At the end of this sprint, you’ll have:

  • 1 PDF with key steps and tips
  • 1 Template for PowerPoint
  • 1 Template for Keynote

Is it for me?


Struggling with sales presentation conception.

Having access to power point and/or keynote software.

Dealing with some sales development issues.

Having basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Who is it for?

Marketing managers, sales managers, start uppers

Detailed Program

What’s on the Menu?

Step 1: introduce yourself, tell me more about your frustrations, issues, difficulties and pain points working on a sales presentation
Step 2: tell more about your way of working on a presentation or some other kind of project (tools used, inputs collected, team members involved, etc)
Step 3 : giving you some tips in order to collect right inputs t work on your presentation structure

Who is your main target?
What are the problems faced by your clients (facts, testimonials, researches feedback, etc)?
How do you solve it?
What is your value proposition?
What about your solutions?
What about your business applications?
Why you?
How to work with you?
How to stay in contact with you?

The conference call on Day 1 will happen at:

11 a.m (Eastern Standard Time).

At this phase of the sprint, you won’t use yet power point or keynote.

Step 1: have you collected enough inputs in Day 1 to work on your structure
Step 2: it’s time to build the structure of your slide and sketch the content for each slides
Step 3: we can discuss about the tone of voice, the right sentences and wording to choose based on your activity, your image and your clients.

The conference call on Day 2 will happen at:

11 a.m (Eastern Standard Time).

You can know use your preferred tool such as PowerPoint on PC and Keynote on Mac.

Main step: based on your research and on your sketches it’s time to lay down the structure of your presentation and ask yourself on the consistency and relevancy of your pitch regarding the inputs collected upstream.
You can now use your tools and add your wording on each slides.

Main requirements:
– For each slides: 1 title, 1 catchphrase, 1 short paragraph to express your main idea.
– One idea for one slide
– No more than 20 slides (except title slides and cover slides)
– Let some space on your slides to add some graphic elements.

The conference call on Day 3 will happen at:

11 a.m (Easter Standard Time).

It’s time to review together what you’ve done so far.

Step 1: we’ll take the time to review your presentation structure and analyze the flow between your slides. Is it logical? Consistent? Relevant?
Step 2: based on your structure and on the content of your slide, it’s time to think about the graphic elements that will be supporting your pitch.

You’ve already worked on your content, you got your main design ideas, now it’s time to work on your design and what you’re looking for in terms of style, ton, graphic design types, etc. Learning where to get inspirations on the web? Analyzing your competitors and their websites or sales presentations (when possible). Looking for graphic elements to support your slides and make your presentation stands out.

The conference call on Day 4 will happen at:

11 a.m (Eastern Standard Time).

Main step: reviewing your final presentation inputs + structure + content + design elements.

At this phase we’ll review your final presentation and I’ll give you my feedback in order to make your presentation stand out.

The conference call on Day 5 will happen at:

11 a.m (Eastern Standard Time).

No individual work required this day.

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Your coach

Dorian d'Amore

Dorian d'Amore

Hello! I'm Dorian and I'll be your coach for this sprint.

Web designer and digital specialist with a strong knowledge of user experience and digital marketing environment.

Persistent, proactive, efficient and creative individual eager to help you meet your next challenges!

I can't wait to meet you!

Dorian (Web Designer & Digital Marketing Consultant)

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